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Who We Do

Takshashila Bachpan

Researchers have stated that children learns the most in their initial years of 0-5. However, learning in these crucial years is a remote luxury to most children in low-income communities. If school readiness is a crucial beginning to formal learning, then we believe that all must have it, irrespective of their economic standing.

The Takshashila Bachpan is a pre-school which provide education to kids from low-salary groups, equipping them with a strong educational foundation to take on the rigour of formal schooling with confidence. Classes of cheerful kids experience the delight of learning under the full care of prepared educators in a protected, cherishing and dynamic manner.

The curriculum of the Takshashila Bachpan focuses on the essentials of all: hindi and english languages, numerical literacy, awareness of self and environment, social skills and respecting of routine and discipline. The teaching procedures adopted to achieve the learning objectives is a combination of drill and reinforcement learning which facilitates memorizing and acquiring of habitual skills of writing and reciting and a play-way approach which allows for learning through doing, exploring and discovering.

“One of the luckiest thing that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood – Agatha Christie”

Takshashila Wisdom Center

The Takshashila Wisdom Centre is a post-school programme, which provides a concrete and holistic educational foundation to kids from low-salary communities to fill the learning gaps and ensure the children stay in school. Following the principle of learning today and leading tomorrow, our training does not focus only on scholastic education but also on non-academic knowledge to mould and cultivate confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness amongst students.

It follows a planned curriculum for English, Math, Hindi, Science and Social Sciences from Grade 1 till Grade 12. The process of learning for each subject ensures a steady and logical unfolding of learning at each level. Upholding the principle of holistic learning, the curriculum is implemented through a dual approach of ensuring conceptual understanding through lecture, demonstrations and experiments as well as experiential learning through celebrations, events, field trips and workshops. This technique helps us to recognize students with remedial needs; students with learning incapacities and students who need a teacher’s stern eye and create solutions within the environment of the wisdom center such that each student achieves their true potential.