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We aim to bridge the gap between affordability and quality, to offer a reasonably priced education to children with higher aspirations but modest means.

Through a holistic approach to education that integrates academic achievement with cognitive learning, we provide knowledge, skills, and values that prepare a child for future challenges

Wand to make learning a continuous, joyous, and voluntary experience that will help the child discover its true potential

Believing in the power of education to change lives, a child's journey at Takshashila Gurukulam begins at the kindergarten level and supports them until they become employable

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Takshashila Gurukulam

Takshashila Gurkulum is an affordable english medium school, run by the society of educational training, in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, imparting education to children coming from low-income backgrounds. Our primary aim is to ensure that every child of school going age is gaining a strong and holistic educational foundation to become a responsible, empathetic and confident individual of tomorrow.

Our Model

Takshashila Gurukulam was founded to provide higher quality, reasonably priced, and sustainable schooling to the children of the Dadri and its surrounding villages. As the school, has grown from 50 to more than 800 students in last eight years, its model has been developed through hands-on experimentation and rigorous focus on continuous improvement.

Today, our school contain elements pulled out from various places like high-end schools, various institutes and even from the business world, which together makes Takshashila Gurukulum a unique place which does not only focus on academics but also on overall development of a kid. While we’re not perfect yet and still continue to improve on the education we provide to our students, we are sharing information on our model in case it helps others, as we have learned from what other schools have shared with us.

Takshashila Bachpan

Researchers have stated that children learns the most in their initial years of 0-5. However, learning in these crucial years is a remote luxury to most children in low-income communities. If school readiness is a crucial beginning to formal learning, then we believe that all must have it, irrespective of their economic standing.


Jansan Kate

The beauty surrounding the school would be enough alone to make my experience at Takshashila Gurukulum wonderful, but the respectfulness and motivation of the students and the joy of teaching with dedicated professionals made it truly awesome.


Sanavce Faglane

Never having worked as a teacher before, this was a new but very rich experience for me. The students were so nice and very eager to learn new things.  It was a real pleasure to work with them. Teaming with the other teachers was also a great thing, as everybody was highly motivated, and we did a lot of creative school work.


Melanie Bowen

The occasion to volunteer at Takshahsila Gurukulum came at an opportune time in my life, a time which was filled with much uncertainty and change. Being away from the American pace of life helped bring clarity and perspective that will influence my decisions in the near future if not the rest of my life




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