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Volunteers across the globe give their time, talent and support to teach a skill, participate in various activities, or share the work load of our staff. Over the years, volunteering and internship have evolved into a structured programme at Takshashila Gurukulum. The programme begins with an induction of the volunteers, followed by matching a volunteer’s skills and profile with the present needs of the school, and the actual commencement of volunteering activity. This well-planned strategy makes volunteering a productive exercise for the volunteers and school rather than a mere series of sporadic efforts.

Takshashila Gurukulum attaches value and significance to a volunteer’s engagement with various facets of the school, such as teaching various subjects, training kids with communicative skills, non-formal education, computer and counselling, among others. The only requisites that we expect from the volunteer the dedication and the commitment to work for the cause of imparting knowledge to children coming from the families of modest means.

“Service to other is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” -Muhammad Ali

Your cooperation and support goes a long way in promoting Takshashila’s cause. For as little as 1 hour a week you can make a difference in the lives of our children. Please download and complete the volunteer form below and mail it to or you can apply to us online as well.

We appeal to every individual to share our philanthropic vision and unite for a common cause and share the dream of a fully educated society. In our relentless pursuit of a better society we sincerely hope that you would extend a helping hand