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“We are lucky to work in a business where imagination, creativity and play aren’t only encouraged, they are required”

The Takshashila Gurukulum is a destination for educators with relevant experience, a collaborative approach to teaching & learning and an ongoing commitment to professional development. Like our students, teachers at our school are inquiring, knowledgeable, caring, leaders in their field, open to change and committed to improving lives through education.

Because of our vibrant professional learning community, highly interested students and supportive parent body, teachers at Takshashila Gurukulum find their work highly rewarding. Ours is a stable environment of established professionals with little turnover in staffing from year to year.

Join Our Community- An opportunity to be more than an employee

We are growing quickly and so you can. If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity to work at Takshashila Gurukulum, please fill the application form.